Dot Hnésokkar - Bleuforêt

2.400 kr

Efnislýsing:  82% polyamide - 18% elastane

 Hnésokkar með doppum

 - Soft topband

  - Flat Seams

  - Shaped knee-hights

  - Softened with Argan Oil

  - Reinforced toe

  - Lycra fiber

Framleiddar í Frakklandi, Vosges.

 Our new premium quality range of nylon knee-highs, 100% made in France! These 30D dot-pattern knee-highs are made from high quality 3D effect yarns that feel truly soft to the touch. Their semi-opaque finish subtly shows-off the leg with a discreetly attractive pattern. Made in our Vosges factory, our 30D semi-opaque knee-highs have Argan oil to make them even smoother. Meaning they feel incomparably soft when you're wearing them.


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