Polka Dots Sokkabuxur (30 den) - Bleuforêt

3.800 kr

Efnislýsing: 82% Nylon- 18% Elastan

30 DEN Sokkabuxur með doppum.

  - Soft waistband

  - Flat Seams

  - Shaped Legs

  - Softened with Argan Oil

  - Reinforced toe

  - Lycra fiber

Framleiddar í Frakklandi, Vosges.

Add some pattern to your look with our 30D plumetis tights. A must-have pattern that can be worn with any outfit. Finely knitted in polyamide, these 30D tights are naturally soft, stretchy and strong.
Exclusive high-quality yarns for a perfect fit

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