Sensitive Berlin ( Virgin Wool)- Dömu sokkar - Falke

3.800 kr
  • 60% Virgin Wool
  • 20% Cotton
  • 19% Polyamide
  • 1% Elastane

Thanks to the innovative combination of soft merino wool on the outside and skin-flattering cotton on the inside, the FALKE Sensitive Berlin provide excellent climate regulation and are extremely comfortable to wear. The wool processed here comes exclusively from farms that do not practice mulesing with animal welfare in mind. The cotton is grown, harvested and processed in a resource-saving and socially responsible manner. The particularly soft sensitive cuffs, in combination with very flat seams and the anatomical FALKE fit, ensure a perfect fit without constriction. Thus, the FALKE Sensitive Berlin are also suitable for particularly pressure-sensitive legs and diabetics. The fine mesh structure allows for a combination with both business and casual outfits.


  • Environmentally friendly material composition: sustainable, temperature-regulating merino wool on the outside and sustainable, skin-flattering cotton on the inside
  • FALKE – WE CARE – Yarn composition: resource-saving, socially responsible, traceable
  • Soft comfortable cuffs and flat overcast seams for a pressure-free fit on the leg and foot
Tax included.

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